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For your listening pleasure, we proudly present the second download from the pre-soundtrack of The Miskatonic Acid Test, the currently filming feature film from AMerican Entropy Productions. The song is Twitch of the Death Nerve, by The Gyre Falcons.

The Falcons were formed in late '68 by singer Veronica Sharpe, who had briefly been a member of The Barrow Wights, one of the leading groups in the Arkham scene. Veronica split with that group over what she felt was their "over-popped tra la la teddy bear cuddliness" and formed The Bull Sharks, who split up before their first gig, as well as The Bleeding Wretched, who split up during their first gig. Undaunted, Veronica took a member or two from each group and formed The Gyre Falcons, who, she proclaimed, would deliver a "totally new sound". It is believed that Veronica received the inspiration for the Falcons' sound from a visit to her hometown, Detroit, that she undertook in spring of '69... certainly the Gyre Falcons' ear shattering heavy-guitar sound and intense political lyrics bore common ground with sounds being pioneered by the likes of the Stooges and the MC5.

After the mysterious and unfortunate Miskatonic Acid Test in fall of '69, the Gyre Falcons broke up, Veronica became involved in fringe politics and was connected to a paranoid paramilitary outfit called Red Warning; whether the industrial-district explosion that took her life was connected to this group's activities is still debated in law-enforcement circles. Veronica's remains were identifiable only by the ring on a right index finger that was found days later by a small child kicking cans on Canal Street, and by what is believed to be her left eyeball.

(Thanks to Raoul Pendeghast, author of One Big Groovin' Kaleidoscopic Calliope: New England Psychedelic Music 1966-1975.for the historical info!)

This is an early mix of the version of the song that will appear on the soundtrack of the film; it's a live performance by Falcons at the Miskatonic Acid Test (slightly sloppy playing and singing are deliberate to re-create that live feel) though we haven't added crowd noises yet. For collectors I'm including two different versions - I made the mp3 from a normal bias tape and corrected for flatness with EQ. Not sure which one I liked better I'm including both.

Download Version One

Download Version Two

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